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Think Pink October

October is breast cancer awareness month and Think Pink has tips for you to maintain the best breast health. This week's Think Pink tips are brought to you by Dandelion Gifts and Clothing! Find adorable outfits and unique decor in this cute little store! 

Don't forget to give yourself that breast self exam every single month. Look for any changes such as lumps, puckering, dimpling, any redness, scaliness, or discharge. If you discover a persistent lump, it's very important you see a physician immediately. Being proactive is the key for your breast health.

Although women with a family history of breast cancer are in a higher risk group, most women diagnosed with breast cancer have NO family history. Statistically, only 5-10% of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history of this disease. See your doctor if you have concerns and always stay on top of your yearly mammogram.

Studies have shown that factors like traumatic events and losses can alter the immune system functions. And altered cancer cells may have an opportunity to get themselves established within one's body. It's not the crisis occurring, but rather the human's reaction to the event. Reducing stress is another major factor in protecting your breast health.

Those were your Think Pink tips brought to you by Dandelion Gifts and Clothing! Find this local store on Facebook and stop by 1322 Pine St. Redding, California to browse their selection.



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